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Review: Geek Vape Eagle

The Eagle tank is Geek Vape’s answer to those who like replaceable coils rather than rebuilding. Not just regular coils either, but fancy ones.

Review: Lost Vape Therion DNA75

The Lost Vape Therion boasts a gorgeous appearance coupled with a DNA75 chip and dual 18650 batteries.

Review: Pioneer 4 You IPV400

I’m a sucker for aesthetics and the IPV400 drew me in with it’s unique design. I really like the contrast of the black against the silver that wraps around the mod seamlessly. The screen is nice and small towards the bottom of the mod along with the two adjustment buttons. The back of the mod has 4 inset grip areas with the usb port at the top and the P4Y logo just below it. The 510 is in the middle on top of the mod which I rather enjoy.

Review: Vaporesso Target Mini

There are lots of mini devices out there but I was not prepared for how small the Target Mini actually is. It’s comically small.

Review: OBS Crius Plus RTA

The OBS Crius Plus takes everything that worked great in the Crius v3 and bumps up the capacity to 5.8ml while adding top air flow.

Pre-made Atomizer Guide – Intro into coil types

One of the most important parts of your vaping device is the atomizer. This is the piece that does most of the heavy lifting. It “wicks” your juice onto the coil from your tank or reservoir, then heats up the juice creating the aerosol that you inhale. While all atomizers are not created equal, there’s more to it than that.

Review: Wismec Reuleaux RX200S

The RX200S is the upgraded version of the popular RX200 design from Wismec. The RX200 is extremely popular and I would imagine pretty much every vaper has seen one. It has a unique diamond-ish shape due to the requirement of three 18650 batteries…

Review: iJoy Limitless

The genesis style atomizer has recently made a resurgence  I had heard some great things about the Limitless before I first sought it out for review. 

Review: Cool Fire IV TC100

Innokin has been releasing a ton of devices lately. One of the latest being the Cool Fire IV TC100 utilizing their new Aethon chip. With 100w of power, and temperature control, is this the starter kit we’ve been waiting for? Is the hype for real?

Review: Geek Vape Griffin 25

The infamous Geek Vape Griffin RTA expanded to a hearty 25mm size. Is bigger really better?

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