Almost $11,000 donated to during Vaper Slam 2 in Charlotte

While some people might laugh at the idea of a vaping convention, some serious good definitely can come out of them.

I unfortunately couldn’t seem to sync up with Stefan from, but over email this morning he gave me some great news. After all is said and done, various parties were able to donate $10,700 to the organization allowing them to further their campaign of getting the truth out about vaping to the public.

This donation was a combined effort by a few parties:



Colton from The Drips [@thedripseliquid on Instagram] auctioned off a beautiful 8′ mural he made for $5200 which they donated to NBS. This one was especially interesting as it became a friendly bidding war between James from and Vaper Slam’s very own Freeze (James edged out Freeze’s $5000 offer with his $5200 offer).



The Art of Vape booth held a cloud competition that raised $2400, which they rounded up to $3000, then someone in the audience threw in another $500 for a total of $3500 from them!






Paul the Vaping Trucker has been running a fundraiser for the past couple weeks and was able to hand deliver $1400 to NBS







The Coil Master booth held a raffle and was able to donate $600 to NBS




Stefan was left speechless with the amount of support his organization received and was only able to muster a “Honestly [I] had not expected all that combined to be this successful [,] but it was. I’m still a bit floored by it :-)”

Not Blowing Smoke is an advocacy group dedicated to getting the truth out there about vaping. It’s in response to the California Department of Public Health’s Still Blowing Smoke campaign. NBS’ goal is to not only shed light on the erroneous reports from the CA DoPH, but the industry at large. They have been instrumental on rebutting false claims about vaping, and why it’s in the California Department of Public Health’s (as well as lots of other states) and not necessarily the general public’s best interest to slow down the acceptance of vaping.

Visit their site to learn more about why California’s position is as such, and what you can do to help the cause. Also check out their multi-part series on the “Truth About Vaping”.

Author: John

I've always been a huge tech junky. If there's a battery and some kind of silicon, I love tinkering with it. When it comes to my vapes, I prefer the hands off approach for my every day device. A nice tank, pre-made coil, and mod with battery built in is just too convenient. One day I'll build a coil. One day.

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