Clone Wars: Fasttech Copper Tugboat V2

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Buying clones is always scary. You never know what you are going to get until you receive it. In this series we’ll try the clone for you and let you know if it’s worth getting. In this inaugural article we’ll look at the Copper Tugboat v2 clone (SKU# 1940303) from Fasttech.


1940303-5The Tugboat V2 clone looks reasonably good, especially considering the price.  The brushed copper finish, while reasonably even, is relatively soft and picks up scratches easily, and it picked up a few noticeable scratches while taking measurements.  The quality on the laser etched logos is acceptable, and the logo is well executed, however if inspected very closely it is obvious that it is not the authentic Flawless Tugboat logo. The contrast between the brushed finish and a black box mod, like an IPV4 is an attractive combination, I also suspect it would look great matched up with either a brushed copper or black mechanical mod.

Manufacturing Quality:

Unfortunately, it suffers a bit from tolerance stacking, the top cap is overly tight to the point where airflow adjustment is impossible, while the airflow section to build deck fit is loose. The airflow section/top cap will not fall off if held upside down and shaken, but if the device is 1940303-4flicked rapidly from vertical to horizontal the cap will fly off. The top cap to airflow section fit is so tight that it cannot be removed without using a pen or other object to force the top cap out, this makes both removing just the top cap from the RDA to drip, and adjusting airflow by rotating the top cap impossible. The loose airflow section causes the device to leak badly if you over drip, or if enough vapor condenses inside the device. The drip tip to top cap fit is just about right, the drip tip is retained firmly without being overly tight. However, the 510 connector seems to be drilled slightly oversize and is too big for all my other drip tips.  The top of the drip tip is also cut at an angle, it’s not glaringly obvious, it took me a while to notice it, but once you know it’s there you can’t help seeing it. There were also burrs in the airflow holes which I had to poke out with an Allen key.

Subjective Bits:

I like a tighter draw on my RDAs and the airflow on the Tugboat is just about perfect for how I like to vape.

Overall, I really like this RDA, I like a tighter draw on my RDAs and the airflow on the Tugboat is just about perfect for how I like to vape. Personally, I really like atomizers I can run wide open and have the airflow where I like it instead of having to fiddle with the airflow on a Velocity or something similar to dial it down to where I like it, it just makes things simpler. If you’re a cloud bro this is not the RDA for you, cloud production is good, but nothing spectacular, in terms of vapor production it’s not in the same league as a Velocity, Doge X2 etc. The build deck is your standard 3 post design, the post holes are moderately sized, I cannot fit a Clapton in them without pealing back the outer wrap on the leads, but they comfortably accept two 24g wires. I’ve been running dual 24 gauge 7 wrap coils at .33 Ohms, pretty much the horizontal version of the vertical build I normally run in my Marquis and taste is great on par with a Marquis or Derringer. When dry the 1940303-2copper influences the flavor slightly, not really worse or better just different, this goes away after you get some condensation on the inside of the chamber. Going back and forth with my Marquis, the standard I like to compare against, flavor quality is really close with a slight edge to the Marquis. That being said I would be perfectly happy vaping on either device, but I’ve got to say I prefer building the Marquis. I’m just not a huge fan of the traditional 3 post decks, especially when running dual coils. In terms of looks the copper Tugboat clone just looks cooler than the Marquis, which as awesome as it is, does look very plain. At the price it’s a solid buy if you are interested in Tugboats and want to see if they’re for you before you spend the money on an authentic.

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Height 25.09 mm
Width 22.1 mm
Juice Well ID 17.8 mm
Juice Well Depth 4.7 mm
Juice Well Volume 1.2 ML
Air Holes Diameter 4 @ 2.07 mm +/- .02 mm
Total Airflow Area 13.48 mm2
510 Connector Diameter 8.87 mm

Drip tip:

Height 13.01 mm
Outside Diameter 12.71 mm
Inside Diameter Base 5.91 mm
Inside Diameter Top 9.81 mm
510 connecter Diameter 8.78 mm

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