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The Cool Fire IV TC100 is a device I’ve been excited for since I first heard about it. It arrived at my door step the day it was released, and I was quick to put together a first impressions video for it, but is it worth the hype?

Like all my reviews, I like to spend some time with the device before releasing a review, and this time is no different. It’s hard to get a good idea how a device will work in the long run after a few days. So after over a month with the device, would I still recommend it? Well, lets see…


20160626-IMG_6192 (Large)Like most of the other devices in the Cool Fire IV line, at first glance it looks almost exactly the same. Button placement, screen placement, port placement, exactly where you’d expect it. There are some changes though, right off the bat the plaque adorning the side has been updated to reflect that this is the TC100 edition. The only other cosmetic changes are the 3 racing stripes that go behind the back of the aforementioned plaque, and a new TC100 logo on the other side.

I’m fine with this. One of my favorite things about the Cool Fire IV line is it’s ergonomic design. There are many box mods, even older Innokin devices (I’m looking at you MVP3.0 Pro) that are just a hassle to hold. If you’re like me, you vape a lot, and holding some of these devices feel like a quick ticket to carpal tunnel syndrome. The TC100 is light weight, has a rounded back, and the fire button is in the perfect place for you to reach without having to contort your hand.

It’s spring loaded 510 connector is raised just a hair, meaning you’ll see a gap between the device and any tank, but that too is OK. Not only is it almost completely unnoticeable, I found that it’s actually a benefit. Less contact between your tank and the device means less heat transfer, and that’s a great thing with a 100w device like this.


20160626-IMG_6201 (Large)The TC100 is Innokin’s first device to include their new Aethon chip. Packing 100w, TC control, and a 3300mAh battery into one small device is great. But the question I’m sure most of you are asking yourself is “sure, they are using a new chip, but is it any good?”. That’s one that I could honestly say, yes, yes it is.

While in power mode set for 100w, this baby ramps up quick. 100w should cover pretty much any coil you can get your hands on. The power level seems consistent, even at low a low battery voltage, but admittedly, the ramp on time increases as the battery voltage drops.

The TC side is what really impressed me. If you’ve read any of me past reviews of TC enabled devices (or seen me comment on reddit), I generally don’t like TC. It seems almost gimmicky to me. The TC100 is the first TC enabled device I’ve used that actually had a satisfactory vaping experience. I think this really has a lot do to with being able to set your own ramp up power for TC. If you like hot vape, set that ramp to 100w, and your preferred temperature, and you’ll get nice warm vape right after you press the button. Like it a bit cooler? Turn that baby down a bit, and your in business. Even though I don’t normally run the device in TC mode, I did spend two weeks with it in TC mode (using the SS316L coils) and often forgot I was in TC mode (that’s a good thing).

Battery Life:

20160626-IMG_6205 (Large)The TC100 includes a built in “long lasting” 3300mAh battery. The reason I wanted to touch on this is because I’ve seen a LOT of negativity towards it. Let me start by saying that a 3300mAh battery is not enough for all day vaping at 100w. Anyone purchasing this device needs to understand that right away. It’s nice to have the ability to go that high, it can and will kill your battery quick. If you are a heavy vaper like myself, vaping at 100w will kill that battery in a few short hours.

That being said, 100w isn’t where this device shines. Think of the ability of having up to 100w as more of a bonus, and consider this more of a 60w-75w device. Doing that, I think you’ll have a different opinion of this battery. As per Innokin, this device has the same battery as the other Cool Fire 4+ devices, and my testing has shown the same thing.

Running this at about 50w, it could easily last you most of the day (with a top off towards the end of the night), and at lower wattages, you might even get away with only charging overnight. But I can’t stress this enough, 3300mAh is not large enough for a heavy vaper who vapes at higher wattages to get through the entire day. It’s not a short coming of the TC100 in particular, it’s just how batteries work. Though, the turbo charging ability of this device definitely helps that fact, allowing you to charge from low battery to about 60% in 30 minutes or so. Unfortunately the device doesn’t come with a turbo charger, these days they are just as inexpensive as a normal charger, so there’s no reason people shouldn’t have one around anyway.


Operating this device is just as easy as their past CF4+, but is slightly different (it is a different device after all). I already covered this in my first impressions video, so if you are interested in how to work this device check at about 3m56s on that video.


20160626-IMG_6197 (Large)Overall, I really like this device. Like the past CF4+ devices, this device seems to be focused towards beginners and novice vapers. The kit comes with pretty much everything you’ll need to get started sans juice, and makes for a great vaping experience. Here’s the thing though, while the included iSubV tank is (in my opinion) the best tank Innokin has released yet and the Aethon chip works really well, there isn’t a huge jump from the CF4+. 100w is nice, but with only a 3300mAh battery, it’s not too useful. If you are looking for a TC device, TC100 definitely is worth being on your list, but if you could find it for sale online, you must just be better off getting the CF4+

Dimensions: 3-3/8″ x 1-3/4″ x 15/16″
Weight:  174g
Threading: 510 with Spring-loaded Gold Plated Pin
Battery: Internal 3300mAh
VV/VW: Variable Wattage only
Operating Wattage: 6w – 100w
Temperature Control: 150-315°C / 300-600°F
Minimum Resistance: 0.1ohm
Maximum Working Current: 30A
Maximum Output Voltage: 7.5V
Please Note: This product was provided by Innokin to the reviewer at no cost in order to evaluate the product.

Author: John

I've always been a huge tech junky. If there's a battery and some kind of silicon, I love tinkering with it. When it comes to my vapes, I prefer the hands off approach for my every day device. A nice tank, pre-made coil, and mod with battery built in is just too convenient. One day I'll build a coil. One day.

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