Review: CoolFire IV by Innokin

The Innokin CoolFire IV is a solid 40 watt mod that easily goes wherever you want to take it and will support a range of vaping styles along the way.

Aesthetics/Build Quality:

I have carried the CoolFire IV around with me daily for several months and it is a stellar device.  The CoolFire IV is by far the smallest device I have carried but has managed to be solid and instill my confidence in it’s durability.

The device fits perfectly in my large hands.  The tapered front makes it easy to grip all the buttons and the rounded posterior cradles nicely in the palm of my hand.  The outside is a vibrant red anodized metal with a wood-like texture that adds an extra bit of grip to hang on to.

The device is made from metal all the way around and has a nice weight to it.  A weight that gives the impression of durability and solid construction.  It’s weighty but not enough to be a burden to carry or weigh down your pockets.  There are no open panels or gaps, nor is there any rattling to speak of.


The screen is a little small but nice and bright.

The device comes with a spring 510 connection that allows most tanks and rebuildables to sit flush with the top of the device.  It also comes with the nicest 510 to Ego adapter I have found to use with Ego threaded tanks.

The screen is a little small but nice and bright.  You can also flip the screen from left to right which is always an added bonus for us left-handed folk.  On the screen you see all pertinent information like volts, watts, ohms, and a battery gauge.

It has pass-through charging so you can charge it in your car or at your desk.  The charge port is on the side which is a significant improvement over it being located on the bottom.  However, with my big hands my pinky rests right where the port is.  So I either have to hold it up as if I was drinking a fine tea or shift my grip further up where it’s not quite as natural.  Regardless, pass-through charging is a must with only 2000mAh on tap and vaping at 30 watts.  It just nowhere near lasts me a full day, but can make it 8 hours.  I guess I should note my job involves driving and being out of the office so I probably use it a lot more than someone with a typical 9-5 desk job and only a few breaks.

On the bottom is an on/off toggle switch and on the top there is a little loop built-in for a lanyard.

Included in the box is a set of detailed instructions and a charging cable.


The power button can be clicked 3 times to turn on or three times to lock the device.  The button also lights up to indicate the power level of the battery by showing a color range of red, orange, or green.  While vaping with the device, after pressing the fire button, you are shown the draw time of your last puff for around 3 seconds.

With the + and – buttons you can swap between adjusting voltage or wattage, and pressing them both simultaneously briefly will show you the remaining battery voltage. Holding the + and – buttons down for a longer period of time will swap the screen from left or right facing.

A simple on/off switch is located on the very bottom to turn the device off entirely in situations where the fire button may accidentally be pressed freeing the device from it’s lock mode.

Pros Cons
Spring 510 Short battery life especially at higher wattage
Adjustable voltage or wattage Charging port location makes it hard to hold while charging
Small comfortable design
Passthrough charging
Durable finish
40 watts is perfect for most tanks and my RDA builds


It is excellent for on-the-go or at work

In short I am very happy with this device.  It is excellent for on-the-go or at work and quickly replaced my current mod.  It feels quality, seems to be durable so far, and functions great.  I am very satisfied with the device and its portability.  In fact it helped me finally move up from my tried and true MVP and ProTank 2 I have used for over a year.  That being said, I do feel that it is an on-the-go device.  It doesn’t really fit my needs for at home with being limited to 40 watts and the battery life isn’t ideal for someone who is awake 15-16 hours a day and vaping.  I would definitely recommend it for portability during your usual work schedule or night out on the town where you can jump back to your other box of mech mod when you get home.  I would also recommend it if you are not a heavy vaper and 2000mAh is more than enough to get you through the day.

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Operating Voltage 3.0V-7.5 V
Operating Wattage 6.0W-40W
Battery 2000mAh (Internal high drain polymer li-ion rechargeable 18650 size battery ,prefer declare the accurate mAh instead of 2200mAh)
Maximum output Current 12A
Clearomizer Resistance 0.3 Ohm (Recommend)
Charging Micro USB DC5V/1A

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