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Single Coil is an option with the included silicone plug and ceramic topper.

Single Coil is an option with the included silicone plug and ceramic topper.

The Griffin 25 looks largely similar to the 22mm Griffin. It takes the identical features and appearance of the Griffin that’s much beloved and enlarged to a 25mm size.  Note: mine did not come with top airflow.

I was a bit concerned about the 25mm size, and while it looks large, it’s not obnoxiously large even on a 22mm device. Only slight overhang on the sides and not cumbersome to carry.

The stainless finish is nice and polished and the atomizer was very well cleaned when I received it.

The top cap appears to have a laser etched Geek Vape logo. The inner barrel has both a griffin design and cursive griffin text in an iridescent color. 

Included in the packaging is a frosted glass spare tank, red/orange and light blue o-rings, a multi-tool, and extra parts.


The Griffin 25 appears to be the same as the Griffin 22mm in every way except width.

The Griffin 25 vapes great. Loads of space to build and still works well with modest builds. 

Wicking is pretty forgiving. I wick slightly loose with the cotton just inside the retaining ring. I have read you can wick it with larger diameter coils by letting the cotton rest on top of the wick holes without pushing the wick behind the ring. I originally tried using a Notch Coil in here but the diameter is so large I couldn’t get the extra wick sorted out. I would imagine letting it rest on top would work. Regardless of how terribly I wicked it initially, I haven’t had it leak a drop yet.

Unscrewing the top cap exposes a massive opening to fill through

Unscrewing the top cap exposes a massive opening to fill through

I’m not a huge fan of the included drip tip because it’s unnecessarily wider than the chimney and rather short, but thankfully they included a 510 adapter.

I’m a big fan of the tank’s adjustments. The ring below the juice flow has a textured grip and is easy to hold while adjusting the flow. The airflow control is slightly recessed and easy to adjust as well. Never to I get in a bind where I’m trying to adjust one but turning the other.

Top fill is accomplished by closing the juice flow and unscrewing the top cap to expose a massive opening to fill through.  

To use the single coil, you unscrew the wick ring, and install the included silicone plug and black ceramic topper. The ring re-installs over the silicone plug blocking the airflow and juice holes on one side.


Geek Vape is generous with all the included items for the Griffin.

Geek Vape is generous with all the included items for the Griffin.

The main feature with the Griffin 25 is the massive 6ml juice capacity. Everything else is carried over from the 22mm version that is renowned in the vaping world. While I’m not blown away with creativity or features, it’s quite obvious why everyone enjoys the Griffin tanks. It’s all-around a very functional tank. The features are polished and literally nothing needs improvement or changing. It just works, and works very well. I will be looking into buying the top airflow if it’s sold individually as I was slightly sad it wasn’t included.


Features: Specifications:
Single or dual coil Drip Tip Height: 10mm
Clicking-Clock positions airflow control Height: 20mm (without tip)
Peek Insulator raw material made in USA Height: 48.5mm (Thread Excluded)
Silica Glass Tank: High-temperature resistant, excellent acid resistant Chimney Width: 7.5mm
Ceramic block for single coil build 6ml e-juice capacity
Velocity style deck 17mm build deck
Adjustable positive pole and full gold-plated housing
The Geek Vape Griffin 25 can be purched from HeavenGifts at
Please Note: This product was provided by Heaven Gifts to the reviewer at no cost in order to evaluate the product.


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