Review: Innokin iSub RBA Rebuildable Atomizer Kit

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I was a big fan of the original iSub from Innokin.  I’m more of a DIY sort of guy so I had been keeping up with the rumors about an iSub RBA since I first saw one.  So when I finally saw it available for sale online it was an immediate purchase.

Aesthetics/Build Quality

The screws are very small.

The screws are very small.

The iSub RBA probably has the most “wow factor” of any RBA I’ve purchased.  It comes in a nice aluminum tin with cutouts for all the tools it comes with.  Even the two included coils have their own cutouts.

The RBA itself looks strange at first sight.  It’s not symmetrical and as such seems off.  At closer inspection it makes perfect sense though.  One leg of the coil goes straight down through the base while the other goes out the side to be wrapped at a 90 degree angle on the bottom.  This allows more tension and security.  I originally thought my RBA was pressed together wrong because the coil holes were offset from the wicking holes.  However, in a stroke of genius Innokin made it so the natural offset of the wrapped coil wires fits perfectly straight down into the RBA while the wicking holes are lined up with the center of the coil.


The wick hole is round on the bottom and flat on the top.

The wick hole is round on the bottom and flat on the top.

In the traditional sense of an RBA and it’s performance as a coil, the iSub RBA works great.  It’s easy to build on and wick so that it doesn’t leak.  My only gripes with building on it is the screws are very small, and the wick hole is round on the bottom and flat on the top.  This makes pushing the wicks into the RBA a little difficult to seal completely versus just a typical circle.

This RBA is single coil only.  I’ve used 24g and 26g.  The RBA seems to prefer 24g as the 26g feels loosely gripped by

The major downfall to this RBA is that it leaks.  However, it doesn’t leak due to user error, wicking, or any of the other typical ways.  Rather it leaks out of the bottom of the 510 in between the center pin and the insulator.  I’ve rewicked it multiple times and rebuilt it several times and the end result is always the same.  It vapes as good as the original iSub coils.  But at the end of a day or half of a day, or even leaving it on my desk with the airflow closed for a day, the 510 connection on my mod is always full of juice.  Taking the iSub apart there is nothing but light condensation in the airflow ring but still it somehow leaks out of the bottom.  This is a major design flaw and ultimately will result in me trashing this RBA.

Customer Service

I fiddled with this thing for a over a month off and on with always the same leaky result. So I posted a thread asking for help on the Innokin sub-reddit.  Several people responded stating they have the same issue and it’s unresolved.  No one from Innokin responded.  So I e-mailed them directly on their website through their support channel and gave them details as well as a link to the thread.  Their reply was “I have already forwarded your feedback to Mike (who is moderator of Innokin sub).  He will respond to you asap.”  I responded back that the issue wasn’t with their sub-reddit but with the RBA having an apparent design flaw.  No e-mail or Reddit reply back was received and no one else ever contacted me.

Editor’s Note: While /r/Innokin is an official Innokin subreddit ran by Innokin staff, it’s not an “official” support channel. Always remember to use the appropriate support contacts (website, email, phone number) when contacting vendors/manufacturers for support issues


At the end of a day the 510 connection on my mod is always full of juice.

At the end of a day the 510 connection on my mod is always full of juice.

I do not recommend buying this RBA.  There is a mindset that it’s not in the best interest of a coil maker to sell a good RBA because that detracts from coils sales.  I say rubbish as they are two different worlds.  After having been teased with the prospect of an RBA for the iSub for some time, I feel cheated.  It seems to be a wonderfully designed and well thought out RBA, but that’s trivialized by the design flaw that it will leak.  I won’t take the chance of losing a mod due to a $9 RBA so into the trash it will go.  It’s a shame as I would have liked to have kept the iSub and iSubS in my daily rotation.

Package Contents:

  • iSub RBA Base
  • Coil Spit-Proof Cap
  • Pack of Organic Cotton
  • Set of O-rings and Screws
  • Ceramic Rod
  • Screwdriver
  • 2 x Prebuilt Micro Coils

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