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I have never owned an iStick product before.  I wasn’t too sure about this one but I find myself being drawn back to it everyday.  The interface has some downsides but it functions and feels fantastic to use.


The iStick 100wTC is a nice looking mod.  In comes in white, black, and grey.  The finish on my grey one has been durable and after over a month of use even the bottom is free from scratches and marks.  The logos for the mod are on the back side so you don’t notice them when vaping.  A long strip of black breaks up the grey monotony and houses the screen and adjustment buttons.
The mod is on the heavier side due to the metal case and battery covers, but due to it’s shape it’s still very pocketable.


I’ve used this mod daily for a month and it simply functions great.  It consistently provides a good vape time and again.  Temperature control  in stainless steel and nickel is what I’ve come to expect from Joyetech products like the VTC Mini and Cuboid.  It has all the modes you would want from Bypass, which acts like a mechanical mod, to Ni/Ti/SS temperature control, and custom TCR values.

The mod is on the heavier side due to the metal case and battery covers, but due to it’s shape it’s still very pocketable.

The mod is on the heavier side due to the metal case and battery covers, but due to it’s shape it’s still very pocketable.

The fire button is hidden beneath the battery cover panel on the side away from the 510 connection.  I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy this feature but it’s nice.  You can fire the mod by squeezing the upper half of the mod.  If you have the other end cradled in your palm it doesn’t even matter which side you squeeze.  It’s great to be able to just pick up a mod and have it fire without fumbling around for button location or making sure your fingers are completely on the button.  You obviously have to be a little more careful when carrying other items  or in your pocket.  Just lock your mods like you’re supposed to and all is well.

I am not sure if the 510 is the same used on the Cuboid and RX200.  It doesn’t appear to be as I haven’t had any issues with it.  It is slightly shallow but the majority of my atomizers sit flush on top.

The batteries are housed beneath metal covers on either side of the mod.  These covers are held on by magnets and are very secure.  They don’t move, rattle, or push off.  In the month I have had the device I have had one magnet come out but was fixed with super glue.

The iStick uses parallel battery configuration which gives a bit better battery life and allows the device to run with only one battery if you choose.

The iStick 100wTC is firmware upgradeable.  Updating is incredibly easy.  Just download a simple program, plug in the mod, click update.  The most recent update bumped the wattage to 120w.  The USB port is on the bottom, which I don’t care for but I only used it for the update.


The device powers on when you put the batteries in.  5 clicks turns the device off/on.  A lock switch graces the top of the mod that will lock you out of operating the mod completely.  This switch is incredibly tight and hard to move.

Navigating through the menus is done by holding the lowest button which is oval instead of circular.  Pressing it does nothing and must be held.  You access different functions via a round-robin sort of way.

The fire button is hidden beneath the battery cover panel...

The fire button is hidden beneath the battery cover panel…

To lock the resistance in TC modes press the fire button and the up button.  Temperature is adjusted in temperature control mode via the circular adjustment buttons.  If you want to change the wattage, it requires holding both the oval button and and adjustment button.  When it starts changing, it changes fast.  So getting that precise number is not going to be possible.  If you miss that number, you have to go round-robin again to get back to the start.  It’s a little frustrating, especially if you’re OCD,  but if you’re like me and don’t adjust much it’s just slightly annoying.

Holding the fire + down button enters stealth mode.  With the device off and pressing the up and down buttons you can flip the screen.  With the device off and pressing the fire button and the down button it will show you the voltage of both batteries.

To adjust the TCR modes you turn the device off with 5 clicks, and then hold the up and fire button for 5 seconds.  You use the fire button to swap between settings and the adjustment buttons to switch between memory mode and TCR rating which goes from 0001 to 1000.


IMG_0069In a world of weekly new mods, and every vendor trying to fill some void, it’s hard to stand out.  While I don’t feel the iStick 100wTC stands out in appearance, it stands out in functionality.  It feels solid, great to hold, has a convenient fire button, and has a great chip backing it up.  The interface is a bit quirky but unless you make major changes multiple times a day it’s really only a hindrance occasionally.  This has become my daily at home mod.  It’s a great middle-of-the-road workhorse mod that can be had at a great price.


Output mode: VW / Bypass / TC ( Ni / Ti / SS / TCR-M1, M2, M3 ) mode
Output wattage: 1 – 100W
Temperature range: 100 – 315C / 200 – 600F ( TC mode )
Resistance range: 0.05 – 1.5ohm ( TC mode ), 0.1 – 3.5ohm ( VW / Bypass mode )
Available Colors: Grey, black, white
Connector Type: 510 Spring Loaded
Atmoizer Connector Diameter: 23mm

Special functions: Firmware upgradable, parallel circuit structure, new TC-SS / TCR mode, hidden fire button

The iStick 100wTC can be purchased from Gearbest at
Please Note: This product was provided by Gearbest to the reviewer at no cost in order to evaluate the product.

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