Review: iSubG by Innokin

The iSubG is a great entry-level sub-ohm tank that is solidly constructed and provides a great vaping experience.

Aesthetics/Build Quality

I haven’t had the best luck with tanks, but for the price the iSubG was a successful gamble.  It compliments the CoolFire IV nicely and the two work harmoniously together.  The iSubG is stainless steel, has a glass tank, wide airflow holes, and a nice drip tip.  The brushed finish is nice and clean.  A laser etched iSub logo graces the top of the tank.  All of the pieces screw together smoothly and snugly.

The packaging is a thin cardboard box that could use some reinforcement.  Mine came pretty unsightly mangled and I was pleasantly surprised, given it’s condition, that the tank was intact.


If you’re an enterprising individual, or just cheap like me, [the coils] are also very easily rebuilt.

For a $20 tank it vapes surprisingly nice. As an added bonus the coils are some of the cheapest replaceable sub-ohm coils around.

I have used up to 20pg/80vg juice without issues and the coils themselves come with a metal grate on top that help cut down on spit back and popping.  If you’re an enterprising individual, or just cheap like me, they are also very easily rebuilt.  The design of the iSubG requires bottom filling but it is executed easily and usually with no mess.

The glass portion of the tank is recessed into the housing so you don’t have any juice oozing out during re-assembly or any other clean up.  The glass portion on mine is pressed very tightly into the top.  It has some play and I am sure it’s removable but I haven’t been comfortable with the amount of force it would take to remove it so mine has stayed in place.

Coils are easily swapped as well with no spill, mess, or draining of the tank.


The iSubG is a fairly basic functioning tank.  While it doesn’t do anything special it functions exactly as it should.  Put a few drops on the coil to prime it, top up the tank, and after letting it sit for a few minutes vape away.

The included drip tip is a metal outside with a plastic core that helps keep heat down.20150923_224658

The airflow control is a bit ambitiously wide.  You won’t notice a huge difference when adjusting it until it’s half closed or more.  There is an added caveat that adjusting the airflow sometimes unscrews the bottom of the tank from the coil.  There are some indented grip areas to prevent this from occurring but they are difficult to utilize unless the tank is removed from the device.

The base of the airflow control has a small recessed area that will hold small amounts of juice if any happens to leak out.

The glass tank allows ample room to see how much juice remains in the tank and when you can no longer see any more is about when juice is no longer feeding into the coil.


  • Wide airflow holes
  • Cheap coils
  • Glass tank
  • No mess swapping out coils or refilling
  • Decent flavor and vapor


  • Imperfect flavor compared to an RDA
  • Adjusting the airflow can sometimes unscrew the bottom from the coil

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I use this tank daily and am quite a fan.  It’s fairly simple and works well.  The flavor is enjoyable and it has enough airflow to produce decent vapor.  I really don’t have an complaints about it and for the price I fully expected to have to make some compromises.  My only wish it that if/when Innokin releases an RBA for the new iSub Apex, that it is compatible with the iSubG as well.


  • 100% stainless steel
  • High quality pyrex glass
  • Japanese organic cotton
  • Huge 4.5ml capacity
  • Full adjustable airflow
  • No-spill coil swap system

Author: Scott

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