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Coil attached to the chimney, drip tip, and airflow.

Coil attached to the chimney, drip tip, and airflow.

Continuing the tradition of the eGrip series the eGrip II is quite small. It reminds me of a pager but that comparison may show my age. Regardless it’s the smallest mod I have held. Mine came in a red so vibrant with little metallic flakes it almost hurts my eyes. It almost appears to be powdercoated in the way the paint appears to be a thick shell around the mod.

It’s a good looking mod overall. The large analog clock adds a nice touch to the screen. The tank window lights up in your choice of color further accenting the uniqueness of the appearance. A strip of black on the screen side helps hide the buttons as well as break up the sea of red.


With the eGrip II you unscrew the top to expose the built in tank. A fill line is marked on the side of the mod. Just fill up your juice to the line and screw the coil/cap assembly back in. I am not a fan of how you fill the device because it requires pulling the entire coil assembly out, which has been covered in juice, while you fill it. Airflow is directed under the top cap and down to the coil. An airflow adjustment is built into the cap but is not labeled in any way.

The clock is a nice touch but can thankfully be turned off.

The clock is a nice touch but can thankfully be turned off.

The eGrip II came with several coils:  Mouth to Lung(MTL), Direct Lung(DL) 0.5Ω, DL Notch Coil, RBA, and a spring 510 adapter. The DL 0.5Ω coil left a lot to be desired. The wicking holes are on the bottom and very small. I could only run this coil around 20w in TC lest I get slightly burnt tasting flavor. Vapor production was mediocre and the vaping experience left a bit to be desired. The Notch Coil worked great in TC and was quite similar to my usual vaping experience. I definitely recommend these coils. I did not try the MTL coil because I don’t vape that way. I applaud that they included an RBA coil but it appears a little difficult to build on and must be vertical builds. The 510 adapter screws in place of the top cap to create a shallow but functional 510 connection on the top of the mod that will work with any 510 atomizer.

One problem I have with the eGrip II is the built in tank. We have a mod with a built in battery and circuit board with a tank that cannot be removed. Therefore, washing or cleaning the tank requires finesse and careful hands. On one side you have the open USB port and on the tank side you have several small holes on the bottom for venting. All of which you have to be careful not to get wet.

Another thing I do not like is the built in battery. 2100mAh isn’t going to get you very far. With the 0.5Ω coils at 20watts I was doing quite well but my vaping experience suffered compared to what I am used to. Once I swapped to the 510 adapter or Notch coil, I barely made it to lunch time before it needed to be charged. Someone using MTL coils would have the most ideal experience with this device.  


Everything included with the eGrip II

Everything included with the eGrip II

The eGrip II uses a similar interface to other Joyetech products. It’s pretty intuitive and works well.  

5 clicks to turn on or off. 3 clicks to access the menu. It’s easy to swap between power mode, bypass, temperature control, and TCR modes. TCR is accessed by turning the device off and holding the power and up button to change the TCR values.  

To access the unique features you press the fire and up button while the mod is on. This allows you to change the tank LED color, clock timeout, logo display, and game difficulty. The issue I have often is that after firing the mod screen immediately shows the clock rather than the firing settings. If I press up by itself to adjust wattage or temperature it immediately brings up the feature menu to change the LED colors as if I had pressed the fire and up button simultaneously. Turning the clock off still just leaves a blank screen unless I click the fire button again. The eGrip II I received is labeled sample so I am not sure if this carries over to the sold version.


The 510 adapter screws in place of the top cap to create a shallow but functional 510 connection on the top.

The 510 adapter screws in place of the top cap to create a shallow but functional 510 connection on the top.

As an experienced or even advanced vaper (see someone who rebuilds everything and drips at 50 watts) I am not as excited about this mod as I expected to be. It has a few shortcomings if you vape a lot, if it’s your only mod, or if you are a flavor chaser. I would like to see a cleaner method of filling, larger battery capacity, and removeable/replaceable tank. The eGrip II might not be for me but I do get it. The eGrip would be a great mod for someone starting out and I think that’s the intended customer. It’s easy to understand and they’ve tailored the coils to suit a variety of vaping styles. Joyetech added all the bells and whistles in a pretty and small package while keeping it accessible to all styles of vapers. I would recommend this mod to someone starting out, people who vape a lot less than I do, or if you just want a nice stealth mod around the office or out on the town.


Specifications: Features:
Size: 24*45*95mm Real time clock display & screen protection
Output Mode: RTC/VW/VT(Ti, Ni, SS316)/Bypass/TCR(M1, M2, M3) Game mode and custom logo
Output Wattage: 1-80W All-in-one device with TFTA-Tank Technology
Resistance range: 0.05 – 1.5ohm for VT mode; 0.1 – 3.5ohm for VW/Bypass mode Eliquid illumination LED with 7 changeable colors
Temperature range: 200~600℉ or 100~315℃ Firmware Upgradeable
Battery Capacity: 2100mAh
E-juice Capacity: 3.5ml & 2.0ml
Colors: black, gold, red, silver, white
The Joyetech eGrip II can be purched from HeavenGifts at
Please Note: This product was provided by Heaven Gifts to the reviewer at no cost in order to evaluate the product.



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