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The Joyetech Cuboid takes everything great about the VTC Mini, bumps it to 150 watts, and ends up being just OK.

The Reddit hype got me on this one.  I hadn’t heard of the Cuboid until a day before my pre-ordered KBOX120 shipped.  After previously receiving the VTC Mini it quickly moved to my daily carry and changed my perception of Joyetech.  So after reading all the hype and eyeing it for a few days I did what anyone with a few extra dollars in their account would do.  I bought it, under the guise that I would sell the lesser mod of the two.


The Cuboid is approximately ½” taller and 30% thicker than the VTC mini.

The Cuboid is approximately ½” taller and 30% thicker than the VTC mini.

Some of following opinions will likely go against the grain in comparison to other reviews. It’s worth noting up front that when purchasing the Cuboid (and the KBOX120 for that matter) I wanted to pick up a mod that not only had SS temperature control support, but was also easier to carry around than something like a Sigelei 150w. My impression from looking at pictures was that the Cuboid would be a slightly wider and taller version of the VTC Mini.  While in some regards it is, it was quickly apparent that it felt much larger overall.  

The Cuboid is roughly ½” taller and 30% thicker than the VTC mini. It is slightly wider by maybe ¼”.   While that sounds somewhat trivial, and a sacrifice that must be made for a dual 18650 mod, another down side is the weight.  The cuboid could easily make you a felon if used as a projectile.  It feels more than twice as heavy as the VTC Mini and it’s weight with batteries far exceeds the KBOX120 and my trusty Sigelei 150w.  With the weight and thickness combined it does not meet my goal of a pocket mod at all.  It isn’t bad to hold in your hand but I definitely don’t enjoy the extra width or weight.

Stepping away from my goals and the size of the Cuboid, it is a nice looking mod.  I opted for the SS finish as every mod I have owned previously was black.  The finish has a nice brushed steel look to it.  The black screen cover goes along the full length of the mod and mixes up what would be the monotony of a plain steel hunk of metal without it.  It’s a fairly classy looking mod.

The USB port seems somewhat randomly placed on one side of the mod.

The USB port seems somewhat randomly placed on one side of the mod.

The USB port seems somewhat randomly placed on one side of the mod.  On the opposite side is the rattly fire button.  It rattles like no other mod I’ve owned, but on the plus side it hasn’t stuck at all. Though, there were times, when pressed, the mod wouldn’t fire.  The time it didn’t fired was when I pressed more on the edge of the button than the center.  The adjustment button blends in with the black screen cover on the front and is thankfully quiet as can be.  On the bottom of the device is the battery door which swings open for battery access.  With batteries installed it does push out slightly from the base by a millimeter or two but not enough to tilt the mod noticeably.


Having taken a lot of queues from the VTC Mini, and from what I believe to be the same chip, the Cuboid functions well.  The interface is easy to navigate and intuitive.  I personally don’t vape at 150w and generally float between 40-55 watts.  At that range it works great.  I have read at higher wattage you do get some pulse width modulation but that is fairly common in higher wattage devices, especially the cheaper ones.

Temperature control in stainless steel works just as well as on my VTC Mini as does Ni200.  I have not yet had the chance to try Titanium in temperature control.  Joyetech has a good setup for temperature control and at a reasonable price.  So if you’re goal is temperature control I would read that as a big pro for this device.

1 out of 5 authentic atomizers will sit “flush” on the cuboid (The right one)

1 out of 5 authentic atomizers will sit “flush” on the cuboid (The right one)

The 510 leaves a bit to be desired and comes with some concerns.  I only have 1 out of 5 authentic atomizers that will sit “flush” on the cuboid.  The raised ring of the 510 is very slightly taller than the top of the mod so there is always a gap even if an atomizer does sit flush.  There is a slight bit of wobble to atomizers as well whether they sit flush or not, indicating some play in the threads.  This is more disconcerting given most don’t sit flush and will be prone to damage if dropped or knocked over.  I have received an atomizer short error multiple times and have seen it mentioned by others.  A search of Reddit shows this is somewhat common and caused by the 510 pin being pushed too far in.  New mods generally have a tough 510 pin and require some use to free it up.  By trying to get atomizers to sit flush and break in the pin I likely contributed to this issue but it should be known the pin is poorly made.  Most of the time the error is remedied by unscrewing the atomizer and then tightening it back down a little less than before.  I have seen Joyetech responses that a small screwdriver can be used to lightly pull the pin up and to push the insulator at the base of the pin back or more underneath.

Joyetech has been killing it with firmware support and the Cuboid had an update almost as soon as it came out bumping it to 200w.  Their firmware is easy to use and access and updating the mod is a breeze.  The most recent update supports a cap of 150w or 200w depending on your preference and has a memory save feature that keeps track of your preferred settings for different resistance atomizers when swapped back and forth across different modes.


The interface is easy to navigate and intuitive.

The interface is easy to navigate and intuitive.

The Cuboid uses the same intuitive navigation from the VTC Mini.   Throw a battery in and it’s on.  5 quick clicks and it turns off.  Accessing the menus is done via 3 quick clicks.  The wattage will start flashing, then you can press the right adjustment button to swap between wattage, Ni TC, and Ti TC.  Press the left button again and the battery gauge will flash.  Then pressing the right button allows you to navigate between the Amp gauge, number of puffs, and puff time total in seconds.

Charging via USB works and is a nice feature but is usually advised against with dual battery mods due to all mods having a poor history of balance charging.    As such it’s not a feature I used long term and only confirmed it works.

Pros: Cons:
Dual 18650 Size & Weight
Excellent temperature control function Rattling power button
3.4V battery cut off Atomizers don’t sit flush
Easy to operate menu system Battery door isn’t quite flush
Firmware updates Poor quality 510 pin


Even after over a month of using the Cuboid I am still a bit torn on my feelings for it.  It’s not a bad mod by any means but it depends on what you want out of it.  If you’re looking for proven temperature control ability out of a dual battery mod with 100+ watts, I say go for it as you can’t beat the price.  If you’re looking for a mod that follows you everywhere, you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons for yourself.  I found myself with another bulky, albeit well functioning, mod that I just leave at home.   While I found myself getting used to the size and weight around the house, when I put it in my pocket to leave it still reminded me that I have more portable mods to make my journey more comfortable.  That coupled with the 510 issues leave me feeling that I really want to like the mod, but I’m never really excited about using it.  I love the chip and interface but the rest of the mod is just OK.


Dimensions: 3-5/8″ x 1-5/8″ x 1-1/8″
Output Wattage: 1-150W
Supported TC Wire: Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel 316 and TCR Mode
Resistance Range (VW): 0.1-3.5ohm
Resistance Range (TC): 0.05-1.5ohm
Other Requires (2) 18650 High Amp Batteries (sold separately)
Other: Upgradable Firmware
Other: Micro USB Port for Firmware Updates and Charging

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