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Aesthetics/Build Quality

Top filling works fantastic.

Top filling works fantastic.

The Crius comes in a plastic case with extra parts and tank.  The instruction manual is very well written.  It easily takes a novice vaper through every step to set up and be successful with the Crius in plain easy to understand English and with pictures.

I enjoy the looks of the Crius.  It has a very polished stainless steel exterior.  The inner barrel has the OBS and Crius logos etched onto opposite sides.  The top cap has a linear design that surrounds the entire top that not only looks cool but functions as a grip to open the fill port.

When I received the Crius I observed it to be very clean and free from any rough edges or burs.


The Crius has a couple features worth delving into. The first is the build deck.  It’s just a great setup.  Very clean and well machined.  Post holes will accommodate modest coil builds but not big ones.  There is a ring that holds the wick snug against the deck.  

Post holes will accommodate modest coil builds but not big ones. There is a ring that holds the wick snug against the deck.

Post holes will accommodate modest coil builds but not big ones. There is a ring that holds the wick snug against the deck.

Wicking is very forgiving on the Crius.  They recommend in the instructions stuffing it all the way down, but that didn’t work for me at all.  I’ve had the best performance trimming the wick even or just below the ring.  Doesn’t have to be perfect, the Crius will take it in stride.  

The build deck is easily removed from the tank to make adjustments or changes.  Wicking is so easy, you’ll likely only need to use this feature to swap out the coils or wick after they wear out.  There is a nice amount of knurling added between the airflow control and tank to adjust the juice flow control.  Incredibly simple to turn it off and on when filling or storing in your pocket.

Top filling works fantastic.  Close the juice flow, grab the etched top cap and pull up.  This exposes a giant open hole ready for filling.  Glass droppers are no problem here and the space beneath is wide open and won’t spit juice back at you.  Every so often after several tanks a small bit of juice will squeeze out of the edges of the cap when closing.  Not even a drops worth, but a minor annoyance regardless.  

The only downfall I have found is that the top cap extends into the chimney.  So after washing it well and allowing to dry, there will still be a few drops of liquid in between the chimney and top cap chimney.  It makes a squishy sound and pushes drops of water out the part of the chimney right above the coils.  A twisted up tissue or q-tip pushed in there while opening and closing the cap seems to clear it out.


Now I don’t have a Griffin so I can’t compare, but the Crius is easily the best experience I’ve had thus far in RTAs. It just performs fantastically with modest builds. Flavor is excellent. Wicking is simple to master. Top fill is practically perfect. Construction and machining is on point. The only downfalls I can muster is the post holes are on the smaller end, and some water gets trapped in the chimney when cleaning. The post holes don’t matter to me with my standard 26g builds but it might to some. If you want an excellent dual coil RTA either as a beginner or veteran I highly recommend it.

Specifications: Measurements:
V3 with velocity style deck Tank capacity: 4.2ml
Material: Stainless steel and glass Diameter: 22mm
Dual coil
510 thread
Supporting top and side filling and juice flow control
The OBC Crius can be purchased from Gearbest at
Please Note: This product was provided by Gearbest to the reviewer at no cost in order to evaluate the product.

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