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img_0017I’m a sucker for aesthetics and the IPV400 drew me in with it’s unique design. I really like the contrast of the black against the silver that wraps around the mod seamlessly. The screen is nice and small towards the bottom of the mod along with the two adjustment buttons. The back of the mod has 4 inset grip areas with the usb port at the top and the P4Y logo just below it. The 510 is in the middle on top of the mod which I rather enjoy.


There are a couple notable things about the IPV400. First of all it has a Yihi SX330 chip in it. Yihi is fairly comparable with DNA chips and is fairly synonymous with quality. The screen is pretty no frills. It displays wattage, resistance, voltage, and battery life. In temperature control mod it shows Joules, resistance, temperature, and

The screen is simple yet effective.

The screen is simple yet effective.

battery life. The screen is bright enough to see in the daylight. While the text displayed has an 8-bit vibe to it, I find myself not really minding.

The thing I enjoy most about the IPV400 is the size. It’s the smallest dual 18650 mod I’ve experienced so far. It’s difficult to tell by pictures but it’s barely larger than two 18650s side-by-side and the height is maybe an inch taller. It’s what I hoped the Cuboid would have been size wise. It’s very comfortable to carry in your pocket or hold in your hand.  

The housing is made of metal but is very light. The feel of the outside seems to be pretty solid. The black portion seems to be painted. I haven’t had any issues with scratching or flaking yet but I don’t have a lot of confidence in the paint. It just seems thin and doesn’t inspire confidence. I could be wrong on that though, as only time will tell.

The battery door is a hinge based door that slides out and then open. It feels very flimsy and cheap. So far it’s held up but if I had to guess it will be the weak point of this mod. Also of note is that the case has a curved edge on one side that always seems to hold the battery in when the door is open. I have to push lightly on the battery and move it slightly over to remove.

The IPV400 is the smallest dual 18650 mod I’ve experienced so far.

The IPV400 is the smallest dual 18650 mod I’ve experienced so far.

The 510 on the top seems to be pretty solid and from what I’ve read is the same one used in the IPV5. It has a common driver slot cut into the pin and I first thought that it was not a spring 510 but one of the old adjustable 510 pins. It is however a spring 510 that has quite a bit of travel. Most of my atomizers sit flush or very close to flush. The insulator around the pin looks a little strange but given its history it should be good. The width of the mod is slightly wider than 25mm so larger atomizers will not overhang the edge.

For the most part this device vapes great. It’s combination of features together just make for a very functional and great setup. The one caveat with it is that you cannot vape SS wire in power mode. This device reads the resistance every time it’s fired and will gradually increase in power. After watching DJLsbVape’s review he stated that since the device is setup only for SS304 you should use the .115 TCR value for SS316L for best results. I have to say it works quite well and I’m usually not a temperature control fan.


The Yihi chips operate a bit differently than I’ve come to expect. Their menu system is similar to Smok devices. Pressing the fire button 5 times opens the menu interface. From there pressing the fire button cycles through the different options of power/joules mode, temperature, temperature display, TCR, version, and power off. The 2 adjustment buttons are used to input values and select displayed options. The left of upper adjustment button increases while the right or lower decreases. This is opposite of what I am used to. Pressing the fire button and the left adjustment button locks the device. Most importantly of all pressing both left and right adjustment buttons will lock the resistance and briefly show the read resistance. This isn’t intuitive with a lock symbol but it will hold at that set resistance.


There is a charging port but no firmware upgrade is possible.

There is a charging port but no firmware upgrade is possible.

Overall I am pretty happy with the IPV400 and my first experience with Pioneer 4 You. My favorite things about the device are the Yihi chip, the simplicity, and the size/form factor. It’s the perfect size for me to carry in my pocket and hold in my hand. Again it’s the smallest dual 18650 mod I’ve held so far. The cons for me are it feels kind of cheap. The housing is very light metal with a chintzy feeling battery door and the black paint just seems, for lack of  a better word, thin. The screen looks outdated but I rather enjoy the no frills functional aspect so I won’t list that as a con but it might be for you. The other caveat is that you can’t vape SS wire in power mode. However with the DJLsbVapes recommended .00115 TCR value, it provides a top notch temperature control experience with SS316L. This mod seems to be around $45 and at that price it’s definitely a win for me. The IPV400 has become my daily work carry mod and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


Wattage Range: 10w – 200W
Atomizer Resistance Range 0.15 to 3.0
Temperature Controlled Support NI200, TI, ss304, Adjustable TCR
Temperature Range:  200°F – 572°F /  100°C – 300°C
Battery Form Factor: 2×18650
510 Connector Type: Spring Loaded
Atomizer Connector Diameter: 28mm
Product weight: 0.170 kg
Product size: 4.15 x 2.80 x 8.80 cm
The RX200S can be purchased from Gearbest at
Please Note: This product was provided by Gearbest to the reviewer at no cost in order to evaluate the product.

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