Review: Royal Hunter by Council of Vapor

The Royal Hunter is a diamond-in-the-rough atomizer for quality and flavor.  Its classy looks are deceiving but it is an all-around excellent dripping atomizer.

Aesthetics/Build Quality

The Royal Hunter is the dripper you would take to dinner with your boss or to meet your girlfriend’s parents.  With the gold accents on all colors but stainless steel, subtle “RH” branding on the barrel, and the gold inlaid diamond accents on the drip tip, it possesses a unique style.  It oozes a classiness I haven’t seen before in a rebuildable device.  The base of the deck also has a gold inlaid laser engraving of the Council of Vapor seal.  With this much style you would not expect it could be bought at an

The wide bore drip tip has a built in spit back guard that works wonderfully.

The wide bore drip tip has a built in spit back guard that works wonderfully.

average price point of $40.  

The build quality is what you would expect out of an authentic atomizer.  The barrel is nice and thick, the deck solid, and all pieces fit almost perfectly together.  Both of mine arrived with no machine oil on them and looked flawless.  Subtle design touches like pads for coil leads in the posts and a raised ridge on the inside of the barrel to keep the base from pushing too far in polish it off.

The black version is coated in a rubberized substance that is also used on the wide bore drip tips.  This coating goes to the inside of the barrel as well except for a small rectangle on one side.  I have not had any issues with it chipping or coming apart in my month of use.


Council of Vapor did a lot of things right with how the Royal Hunter functions.  The 4 post deck is effortless to build on.  Grub screws work perfectly and there are tiny cushions below the grub screws in the posts that prevent wires from snapping off during over tightening.  Post holes are plenty wide enough to accommodate typical builds, twisted coils, and clapton coils.  The Juice well has the right amount of depth to hold an ideal amount of liquid without being too shallow or too deep.

The “Wifi signal strength” airflow is adjusted using the top cap.  While it’s not knurled, the o-rings provide a perfect amount of grip while leaving the top easily maneuverable.  The first Royal Hunter I purchased in stainless steel was perfect, but my second in black/gold required me to bend in one fin on the top slightly to get it to turn without a lot of resistance.  I think the reduced tolerance from the black coating may have contributed to this issue.  The airflow looks deceivingly small but I find myself often closing off the largest slot and sticking with the 3 smaller slots.  A single coil option is also available by blocking off one side of the airflow with the cap.

With the Royal hunter you have the option of using the included 510 drip tip adapter or the included wide bore top.  I generally do not vape at high enough wattage to utilize wide bore tips but the Royal Hunter’s is something special.  It has a built in spit back guard that works wonderfully. Somehow this tip pulls the design of the airflow and cap together to give an awesome flavorful vape.  It is the proverbial icing-on-the-cake that takes an otherwise good atomizer to fantastic.


This much style is not expected to be bought at an average price point of $40.

This much style is not expected to be bought at an average price point of $40.

The Royal Hunter is a bit of a conundrum.  By all accounts it looks like nothing special aside from being classy.  My good buddy Wump sang its praises for a bit until I found a deal I couldn’t pass up.  All the features of the Royal Hunter work together effortlessly to create an exceptional vaping experience. Little touches like the padding in the posts to protect the wires, ascending airflow size, and anti-spitback drip tip are subtleties that shouldn’t be overlooked.  After my first one arrived it took me less than a week to order a second and they have become my favorite atomizers to use.



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Available Colors Black/Gold, SS, Tiffany Blue, White/Gold, Green/Gold
Material Black Matte & Brass / Stainless Steel
Diameter 22mm
Height 42mm
Weight 31 grams
20 gauge wire+
4 Digit Serial

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