Review: Smaug 150w A2-C

The Smaug is a simplistic box mod with size and power on tap to breath vapor like the fire from the dragon from whence it was named.

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Aesthetics/Build Quality

The first thing you will notice is the Smaug’s size.  It’s the same length as a Sigelei 150, slightly shorter, and about 20% wider.  It’s not unmanageable, but the width feels a lot different than my Sigelei.  Like the Sigelei it has a beveled edge around each side but it’s more narrow on the Smaug.  It feels a little pointy and as if it’s “digging in” a bit to your hand. 

The 510 has a reverse threaded pin rather than the common spring pin. You can adjust the height with a screwdriver (not included).  While adjustable, I have just left it all the way in to allow maximum depth as even my Royal Hunter doesn’t sit quite flush. An extra 510 pin is included as well.

On the cosmetic side, you have that nice big chrome dragon on the side.  I like the dragon and don’t mind it at all.  The panel is made of Plexiglas and will have smudges pretty much all the time.    This device does not have the manufacturer logo (Luxyou!) on the side.

The core of the Smaug with the protective cover removed.

The core of the Smaug with the protective cover removed.

The screen is nice and bright and I really like the layout of all the information.  Battery gauge and voltage, puff counter, puff time, volts, coil resistance, and watts.  It’s orientation being vertical instead of horizontal works for me being a lefty.  The power button is on the smaller end but has a nice click to it.  The adjustment buttons do have a bit of rattle to them.  The adjustment buttons do not have the + and – markings as shown in the pictures.  

The battery door is my favorite feature.  It slides into a channel from the bottom and has magnets at the top.  Once you slide it ¾ of the way up the magnets snap it up into place.  It does have a slight amount of play that creates a rattle if you shake the device.  However, the panel sliding up from the bottom keeps it from sliding sideways when you hold the device or keeps the batteries from flying out if it is dropped.

The buttons click well but do have a bit of rattle especially on the adjustment ones.  As mentioned up top mine is simply on all the time.  No 5 click on, off, or lock.  A charging port is on the side that works, but I only tested it briefly.


The batteries in the Smaug are oriented parallel.  I have never had a parallel box before.  The weird quirk with this one is it seems to have a ramp up time.  From reading, series boxes buck for higher wattage and parallel boost to higher wattage.  The ramp up time, it’s a bit strange to get used to, but seems to be a characteristic of regulated parallel boxes from what I’ve read.

The screen is nice and bright with an excellent layout of information.

The screen is nice and bright with an excellent layout of information.

 When I fire on my Sigelei 150 at 50w it’s instant pop and crackle time.  Firing on the Smaug is like vaping an ascending line graph.  It starts off very mild and ramps up over the course of a couple seconds. To put it into perspective, my standard build is .6 ohm 26g dual coils, nothing fancy.  At 50 watts on my Sigelei, it’s instant warm vapor for the 2-3 seconds I draw.  On the Smaug, I can peg it at 100w with the same build and, while the RDA gets hot, it never gets crazy during those 3 second draws. I’m accustomed to instant wattage so this is weird to me.  I don’t think it would bother the average or novice vaper but those building crazy coils likely don’t want a ramp up time with their ramp up time.

The batteries are set deep into the device and have no easy way to get them out aside from banging the device on your hand.  The required orientation is nicely labeled with stickers.  The covering over the wires is loosely secured and can easily be peeled off.  I am not sure how long it would remain on with long term use but it has stayed put for a month now.


The Smaug by all accounts is very simple to operate.  Put the batteries in, press the firing button, and you’re done.  5 rapid clicks of the firing button bring up a menu that is navigated by tilting the device left or right to adjust power or turn it off.  The wattage adjustment buttons work well and also have no additional features tied to them.

Pros Cons
Grooved magnetic battery door Removing Batteries
Nice screen Width
SX300 chip Ramp up time
Price Rattly wattage adjustment buttons
I like the dragon


I like the look of the Smaug quite a bit.  The dragon has grown on me and I don’t mind polishing the Plexiglas periodically.  The SX chip should be reliable but the ramp up time is a drag compared to my Sigelei.  The screen is very nice and the battery door is still one of my favorite features.  I can take or leave the adjustable 510. I just wish I had more atomizers that sat flush on the top.  I think this mod would be a hit if the ramp up time was reduced and it was made at least as slim as the Sigelei 150.  Regardless, it has a unique style and has been reliable for the last month.  Taking into account the current market I think the pricing could be a bit closer to $50 but the Smaug originally released when 150w mods were closer to the $100 range.

Please Note: This product was provided by GearBest to the reviewer at no cost in order to evaluate the product.


  • Made of high grade aluminum metal material
  • Output voltage: 3.7 – 17.3V, 7 – 150W
  • Input voltage: 3.2 – 4.2V
  • Supports 0.3 – 3ohm Atomizer
  • Features a 5 click On / Off switch (feature accessed through the menu)
  • LCD display: Resistance, voltage/wattage, settled vaping time, battery level and puffs
  • Short circuit protection, low voltage warning
  • Dual 18650 batteries (not included)

The Smaug can be purchased at

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