Review: Snow Wolf 75w Mini

The Snow Wolf 75w Mini is the latest device in the Snow Wolf line of box mods. It’s a single 18650 mod that supports up to 75w, or 662° F in temperature control mode. It’s small form factor, and classy design definitely earns it a consideration for your next purchase, but does it work as well in person as on paper?

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Aesthetics/Build Quality:

IMG_2817-EditBox mods are a dime a dozen, and they all look about the same. That said, Snow Wolf devices add a bit of class to the standard look with it’s rounded stainless steel outer perimeter, and high gloss black side plates.

In general, the design of the device is very clean, on one side of the outer perimeter, you have the 3 buttons, and OLED screen, while on the other side you simply have the Snow Wolf logo (which looks pretty sweet). The only comment I have is I would have much rather have seen the Snow Wolf logo on the battery door, but I assume it was a lot less expensive for them to engrave it into the stainless steel.

Even though the device is a bit heavy for its size (weighing in at about 185g without a battery, and a whopping 230g with a LG HG2 18650 installed), it’s rounded corners and edges as well as it’s small size makes it not-so-uncomfortable to hold. I wouldn’t call it ergonomic exactly, but after using the MVP 3.0 Pro for so long (which funny enough weighs less than the Snow Wolf 75w when a battery is installed), it’s definitely a nice change.

The battery door is held on by two powerful magnets and a clip. As long as you don’t have the ribbon used to get the battery out, obstructing the magnets, the battery door fits in snugly with little to no play.

IMG_2876-EditThe bottom has vent holes for the battery as well as a micro USB port that is used to charge your battery. That’s probably my only real gripe with the design. Putting the micro USB port on the bottom pretty much guarantees you’ll need to remove the tank while charging through the device, and makes pass-through vaping annoying. That said, you are probably going to use a separate battery charger to charge your batteries, so it shouldn’t be a big deal.


The Snow Wolf 75w Mini, while including temperature control features, leaves out some smaller features common these days with VW mods.

Right off the bat you can’t switch the device into voltage mode, only wattage mode. While not a huge problem, it is an annoyance. I have a few atomizers that I prefer to set the voltage instead of the wattage, and you just can’t do that. It does support a full range of wattage from as low as 5w to as high as 75w in .1w increments.

It’s also missing things like a vape timer and fire counter. While completely superfluous, it is nice to have. Especially when dealing with new vapers. Besides that, the device has everything else you’ll ever need or want.

IMG_2883-EditThe temperature control features seem right on point. While I don’t have an IR thermometer, a dry burn test in the 400°F range successfully kept the cotton of my coil from burning. It supports temperatures between 212°F and 662°F and has settings for both titanium and nickel 200 wires. Keep in mind kanthal wires are not supported in TC mode, and since you can’t manually set the wire’s coefficient, I’d suggest not using stainless steel for TC either.

Another uncommon feature of the device (at least compared to other similar devices) is that it supports coils with a resistance as low as 0.05 ohms. That means, if you could build it, this device could probably safely fire it. Anything lower than 0.05 ohms will simply not fire with a “LOW ATOMIZER” error on the screen.

Besides that, it has everything else you’d expect. Spring loaded pin for the 510 connector, protection for things like low voltage, short, temperature, etc.


The device is fairly easy to use with a low learning curve. Really the only odd point I’ve found is switching from fahrenheit to celsius. In order to do it you must set the wattage to the maximum or minimum temperature in whatever unit of measurement it’s in, then click the button again, and it will switch.

So for example, if you were on Fahrenheit and wanted to switch to Celsius, you’d set the device to 662°F then click the + again, and it will change to 350°C. Then you could hit the – button to lower it. While annoying, this isn’t something the average person will change often.

IMG_2884-EditBesides that, everything else is straightforward, and the device comes with an in-depth instruction booklet that explains everything well. To switch the firing mode, hold both the + and – button for a second, and then you could select NI, POWER, or TI depending on what kind of coil you have installed. Turning it on or off is just 5 clicks of the fire button.


If you can get past the fact that it’s only a single 18650, this is a great device. Paired with a LG HG2 20A battery, this could easily be your primary mod, or something you use when not at home. The fact that it could go as high as 75w in such a small package is a huge advantage. You could easily fit the device and a spare battery or two in a pocket or purse with ease.

While not perfect (I really would have liked to see the ability to manually set the wire’s coefficient for the TC side of things), it’s a solid device, that’s quality made, and looks really nice. This has quickly became my go-to device.

Please Note: This product was provided by Asmodus to the reviewer at no cost in order to evaluate the product.


Chipset GX75
Battery None Included, support for single 18650
Variable Wattage Yes
Variable Voltage No
Temperature Control Yes (Titanium and Nickel 200 supported)
Max Output Wattage 75w
Max Output Voltage 7v
Thread Size/Style 510 (spring loaded pin)
Built in Display Yes
Pass through Vaping Kind of (see Aesthetics/Build Quality section)
Dimensions 3-1/4″L x 1-2/3″W x 7/8″D
Weight 185g without battery, 230g with battery
Colors Available Silver
Charging Input Micro USB
External Charging No

Author: John

I've always been a huge tech junky. If there's a battery and some kind of silicon, I love tinkering with it. When it comes to my vapes, I prefer the hands off approach for my every day device. A nice tank, pre-made coil, and mod with battery built in is just too convenient. One day I'll build a coil. One day.

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