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I was lucky enough to win a giveaway that Vaporesso was conducting on Reddit so what better way to give back than with a review?

The kit I received comes with a Target Mini and a Guardian Tank.


There are lots of mini devices out there but I was not prepared for how small this device is. It’s comically small. All sorts of joke pictures ensued and I may have modified the classic Zoolander “school for ants” joke just a few times. Too add to the tininess I paired the device with a derringer as well.

All jokes aside it’s a decent looking device.

All jokes aside it’s a decent looking device.

All jokes aside it’s a decent looking device. The Mini carries over the pistol grip theme from the full size target. Black with red accents always makes something eye catching and the Mini also has a carbon fiber wrap on the sides.

The Guardian tank works with the Target Mini’s theme and the two seem pretty much made for each other.

Included in the box was the device and tank with a DL coil and drip tip installed, a fancily wrapped instruction manual, USB cable, MTL drip tip, and MTL coil.


The Target Mini functioned best for me in regular wattage mode. I’m not a big temperature control vaper anyway. However, when I tried SS TC on the MTL Ccell coil I was met with burning taste and dry hits. Unfortunately the wattage isn’t adjustable in TC mode and instead of ramping up just pegged at 40w. Which 40w with a tiny 1.5Ω coil is not good territory.

The kit I received comes with a Target Mini and a Guardian Tank

Package includes a Target Mini and a Guardian Tank

As a whole the Target Mini has most of the same functions as any other device. Just in a tinier package with tinier buttons.

The Guardian tank was a bit confusing to master. It uses a drop in coil similar to the Joyetech AIO or eGrip. This means you attach the coil to the mouthpiece rather than the base. The coils on the Guardian are the popular Ccell Ceramic coils and are quite large. They just drop into the tank and you fill around the edges which are pretty narrow. The confusing part of this tank is that the base and glass seem to be all one piece and don’t come apart. You have to unscrew the chimney section which is counter rotating, and then unscrew the airflow cap which is normally threaded. The airflow cap though is quite tight and difficult to adjust without unscrewing it.


There are only 4 buttons on this device. A fire button which can be pressed 5 times for the standard off/on. Up and down adjustment buttons and a mode button.

The guardian tank comes with a MTL drip tip and Ccell coil and the DL drip tip and Ccell coil. You just swap them back and forth for however you chose to vape.


I was not prepared for how small this device is.

I was not prepared for how small this device is.

The Target Mini Kit is alright for what it is. I can see this being a good stealth mod for a night out, when you have to wear a suit somewhere, or for someone who passively vapes. For daily use it’s not very practical. It’s tiny and unwieldy to hold for someone with big hands. The battery is definitely not something that will last all day for most and I have concerns about the longevity of the carbon fiber wrap on the sides. I didn’t like the SS temperature control as you cannot adjust the wattage and the Guardian tank left a bit to be desired for me. But, if you’re after a tiny mod for whatever reason that may be, the Target Mini will fit that niche at a cheap price.


 Target Mini Mod Guardian Tank Features
Dimensions: 58 x 36.5 x 24mm (Mini Design) 22 x 55mm
Wattage Range: 5.0W – 40W Leak Proof Design
Voltage Range 0.0V – 9.0V Top Fill Tank
Temperature Range: 200°F – 600°F / 100°C – 315°C Double Child Lock Mechanism
Resistance Range(W): 0.15Ω – 5.0Ω (VW) 2.0mL Tank Capacity
Resistance Range(TC): 0.1Ω – 1.0Ω (VT) Glass Tank
Battery: Internal Lithium 1400mAh Top Adjustable Airflow
Construction: Zinc Alloy & Stainless Steel
Display: 0.49″ OLED
Output Modes: VW, TC(Ni, Ti, SS), TCR


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