Review: WÜD Real Skin on a IPV4

I apologize for it taking long as I did to get this up, people (especially Zach, who commented on Gerald’s video) have been asking about the WÜD’s skin for the IPV4. It was a combination of wanting to have enough time with it to be able to say how well it holds up in the real world and real life (holiday stuff with the fiancée’s family, trying to buy a house, and a car accident primarily) messing up my schedule and stealing my writing time.

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As skins go, it’s not cheap. At $24.99 it’s about twice the cost of the more common vinyl sticker skins and roughly the same cost as 30 ml of Five Pawns, but in my opinion it’s worth it. It’s a quality product, looks great, is durable (with the exception of the thin pieces on the battery cover), and is an attention getter without being overly flashy or gaudy.

DSC00056One of the first things you notice about the WÜD skins when you open the package is the quality. The pieces are well cut, they are the right shape, with even edges, and are backed with 3m adhesive. The kit’s well thought out, with inserts and instructions written in real English which is a nice change of pace as anyone who has been vaping for a while can attest to, and includes an alcohol wipe to clean your mod to ensure the adhesive works. Their YouTube instruction videos are excellent, and a great help ensuring you put the pieces together correctly. I’m that guy who has to buy a five pack of screen protectors for my phone so I can get one on right and after watching their video I was able to get the skin on cleanly the first try. Unlike a sticker style skin air bubbles under the skin are not an issue.

My IPV4S is my go to device, I take it pretty much everywhere and the WÜD skin has held up well. To give a worst case test I’ve mainly been using it with a Kennedy RDA, as with the bottom airflow vapor tends to fall out of the RDA and condense on the wood. For the most part this has been a non-issue with only mild discoloration occurring where the juice wicked into the wood from the edge on one side of the mod where it lined up with one of the airflow channels of the RDA. On the other side where the airflow channel lined up the flat top of the mod there was no issue.

DSC00047The finish has not scuffed in over a month of constant use. The only noticeable damage it has picked up was when I tore one of the thin pieces on the battery cover after stuffing the mod in my back pocket. Given the thin shape of these pieces this is not surprising and WÜD acknowledges this in their installation video for the IPV4 and they include two replacement pieces in case you damage the battery door groove pieces. If you routinely carry your mod in your pocket this is something to be aware of and may just want to skip attaching them the mod looks great, in my opinion better, without them. It’s the one place where the skin looks like an aftermarket piece instead of looking like a natural built in part of the mod, with the square cut edges of the strips looking a bit out of place in the rounded battery door channels.

The WÜD skins look great, it’s obviously not going to make your mod look like a high end semi-custom stabilized wood mod, but it compares very favorably to the quality of finish on mass produced wood boxes like the Smok Treebox, and looks like it’s supposed to be there. My fiancée who usually can’t tell one box mod from another noticed it, and was convinced, and displeased, that I’d bought another new mod until I showed her the website and was able to finally convince her it was the same IPV4S she was upset about me buying months ago.

Please Note: This product was provided by Wudbx to the reviewer at no cost in order to evaluate the product.

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