WÜD Real Wood Skin: Initial Look

Author: Gerald

I've always been a huge tech junky. If there's a battery and some kind of silicon, I love tinkering with it. When it comes to my vapes, I prefer the hands off approach for my every day device. A nice tank, pre-made coil, and mod with battery built in is just too convenient. One day I'll build a coil. One day.

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  1. Have you guys installed the skin on the ipv4s yet?

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    • The writer who had the IPV4s skin had a couple personal issues come up that kept him from completing the review. He hopes to have it done this week.

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    • Yep, it’s installed and I’ve been using it since the end of October. I’d intended on getting my review up towards the end of last month, but I got in a car accident and along with Thanksgiving, my writing schedule got all messed up. I’m taking a short break from finishing up my draft as I write this, and will be taking pictures tomorrow when I have decent lighting so you can expect to see something by Saturday.

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